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Sports Exam: Students must have a current physical exam to participate in interscholastic and contact intramural sports. Students may NOT try out for a sport without a physical exam. The physical must have been performed within one year of the start of the specific sport. To participate in sports, only page 2 of the physical is required as all other information is already in your student’s record.  School Physical Form   (Spanish Physical Form)

District 54 Junior High Sports Page



Cross Country (Early Fall)     Permisison form

Mr. Belluomini   Boys coach-    847-357-5857  email: [email protected]

Ms. Horikawa  Boys coach- 847-357-6233    email:  [email protected]

Mr. Truppa   Girls coach-    847-357-5915  email:  [email protected]

Ms. Lucchini    Girls coach-   847-357-5882   email: [email protected]

Cross Country is a sport offered to both 7th and 8th grade boys and girls during the fall of each school year.   The teams compete against the four other District 54 teams at least two times in a season both home and away.  Addams is home to the Crusader Fall Flite Classic cross country invitational.  There are over 15 teams that participate in this elite invite.  Teams come from all over the North and Northwest suburbs.  The Crusader Fall Flite Classic is run the staff at Addams and has been ongoing for well over 20 years. At the end of the season, the Conference Championships are held at Hoover Elementary School.  Cross Country is a great sport to get involved in at any level. All the coaches are dedicated to running, fitness, and providing everyone with a positive experience. Personal best/records are the main focus for every runner.  Practices are held generally on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with meets dispersed as evenly as  possible throughout the season.

Girls Basketball (Early Fall)            Permission Form

Mr. Jalovec  7th grade girls coach  847-357-5912   email:  [email protected]

Mrs. Bianchin   8th grade girls coach  847-357-5900  email:   [email protected]

The girls’ basketball season takes place during the months of August to October.  The girls play a ten game season against the other schools in the district. The season culminates with the District 54 Tournament. 

Poms (Late Fall)

Ms. Guagenti  847-357-5871     email: [email protected]

Poms is open to both 7th and 8th grade. The team will consist of dancers who will perform at the boys’ home basketball games. 


Please click here for the Cheerleading and POMS Permission Form

Boys Basketball (Late Fall)

Mr. Kovach  7th grade coach   847-357-5888  email: [email protected]

Mr. Glesne   8th grade coach  847-357-5894  email: [email protected]

7th and 8th grade boys basketball will begin in the middle of October and run through the middle of December.  The season consists of 10 games, and an end of the year tournament. Practices are every day after school, with the exception of game days.

Boys Basketball Tryouts  and
  Updated Sports Permission-Concussion Form 


Cheerleading (Late Fall)

Mrs. Nunez        847-357-5876  email: [email protected]

Ms. Lucchini   847-357-5882   email: [email protected]

Cheerleading is opened to both 7th and 8th grade students.  The team consists of about 30 cheerleaders.  They cheer for the Boys Basketball Teams.  

Please click here for the Cheerleading Permission Form

Wrestling (Winter)

Mr. Gianfortone   847-357-5900   email:  [email protected]

Mr. Hill   847-357-5900  email: [email protected]     

Miss Harris  847-357-5886  email  [email protected]

Wrestling at Addams is a no-cut sport that starts the first day back to school in January and goes until late February.     Throughout the season, there are 10 meets, including 1 junior varsity, and 1 varsity conference tournament.  At Addams we strive to have as many students as possible on our teams as to be able to field full varsity and junior varsity team.



Girls Volleyball (Winter)

Ms. Faust  847-357-5925   email:  [email protected]

Ms. Huber  847-357-5913   email:  [email protected]

The volleyball season takes place during the months of January and February where the students will play an eleven game season. The season ends with a tournament at the end February.


Boys Volleyball (Spring)

Ms. Faust-  8th grade- 847-357-5925   email:  [email protected]

Miss Hayes 7th grade 847-357-5933   email: [email protected]

The boys volleyball season takes place during the months of March to May where the students will play a nine game season. The season ends with a tournament in May. Tryouts will happen in early March.  Roughly twelve students will make each of the 7th and 8th grade teams respectively. 


Track and Field (Spring) 

Mr. Belluomini  8th grade boys & Long/Triple Jump coach 847-357-5857  email: [email protected]

Mr. Glesne   7th grade boys & Hurdles coach  847-357-5894  email: [email protected]

Mrs. Molenda   8th grade girls & Shot put/Discus coach  847-357-5896 email:  [email protected]

Ms. Teschner   7th grade girls  & Distance coach 847-357-6913  email:  [email protected]

Mr. Hill   Sprint Coach  847-357-5900  email: [email protected]     

Mr. Truppa  High Jump coach 847-357-5915  email:  [email protected]

Track and Field is the most participated in sport at Addams.  There are over 200 athletes.  It is a no-cut sport. There are individual and team events.  Students will try-out for each of the following events: the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, relays, shot put, discus, triple jump, long jump, high jump and hurdles. Everyone competes during one or more events in a meet.  There are meets against the four other junior highs as well as a conference meet.  Addams also participates in the Wohlhuter Invitational meet in St. Charles.  Top athletes only go to this meet.