Addams System of Supports

At Addams we strive to ensure success for all students through a wide variety of programs. Below is a list of the variety of assistance that we provide.

Library Media Center

For students in need of a quiet place to study, the Addams LMC will be open each day Monday – Friday at 7:00 am. and stay open until 3:00 pm. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday only.  No Friday afternoons.  Staff will be available to answer questions and all technological resources will be available for use including the Addams Creation Studio. Staff members can assist students with any questions

Math Help Center

Any student may arrive to the building at 7am for additional math support from a math teacher. With advance notice to the math teacher a student may come in to make up a missed math assessment. Students can also stay after school on Tuesdays for math tutoring.

Homework Support

Students with multiple missing assignments will receive time during lunch devoted to completing work and staying current with his/her assignments. Similarly, students with chronic missing assignments will stay after school on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday to receive teacher support in completing their assignments until all work is completed.


An opportunity for a student to connect more routinely with an adult in the building to receive support in regards to academic, social, or functional needs and to receive more one-on-one, individualized support.

Check In, Check Out (CICO)

In order to encourage students to self monitor and independently manage behavior, students check in and out with an assigned staff member/ mentor at the beginning and end of the day and receive a daily progress report that was completed with classroom teachers throughout the day.

Social/Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG)

Students are supported in a small group for direct instruction, structured practice, reinforcement of critical skills. Members of the guidance department( social workers and school psychologist) facilitate these groups and generally use a set curriculum.

Guidance Department

Addams has two full time social workers and a school psychologist that are available to meet with any student in need of support.

Growth Mindset and Happiness Lessons

Throughout the school year all Addams students participate in lessons that help them develop a viewpoint that will aide in their success both at Addams and throughout life.

Please click here to open supplemental information/printable pdf: Addams systems of supports