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News from Addams March 22, 2019

Celebration at Keller Thanking a bus driver Happiness


Dear Addams Community:

It has been quite a week at Addams as we completed our Addams Appreciates 21 Day Challenge. The students really came through and showed that they have “joined the movement” of Jane Addams! Our student ambassadors have been hard at work spreading cheer wherever they go. First, on Tuesday the ambassadors brought a cart outside to pass out snacks to all bus drivers. Next, on Thursday, some Addams student ambassadors headed over to Keller Junior High to deliver “happiness placemats” for Keller students to brighten their lunchtime. If that was not enough, the group worked their way around the building to deliver hot chocolate and snacks with hand written stickers of appreciation for our staff. What an amazing group!

Then today, our students participated in the annual Career Day.  We had over sixty presenters from all types of careers. This is such an amazing opportunity as studies have shown that students are much more likely to pick careers that they have been able to see and experience. A huge thank you goes out to our Career Day staff committee as planning and implementing this event is an incredible undertaking. This was such a valuable learning experience for our students. Also, thank you to all the presenters for giving up time out of your busy day to come to Addams.

We wish all of you a restful and fun spring break!  See you in a week for the final stretch.


Chris Bingen       Kim Phelan
Principal             Assistant Principal

Important upcoming dates:

  • 3/23 to 3/31 – Spring break
  • 4/2 – Election day (no school)
  • 4/18 – Non-attendance day

Read on to learn about more noteworthy items from Addams and District 54.

Earbuds and Headphones
Please check with your child to make sure they have earbuds or headphones.  If not, consider buying a pair during the upcoming week. Headphones/earbuds are a necessary tool for learning. In additional, they will be needed when students take the upcoming IAR assessments.

Registration for the 2019/2020 year
Registation will be available through the parent portal starting Monday, April 1, 2019.  If you do not have a parent portal account, you should have received an email on March 15 with instructions and a link to do so.  Beginning this year, the district is contracting with a third-party vendor to automatically verify student address information. If your residency is verified electronically, you will not need to submit any additional paperwork to certify that you live within the district’s boundaries. To verify residency, the vendor will use a parent’s name and address to crosscheck the information against electronic databases from other organizations, such as utility companies.  We anticipate most addresses will be verified electronically. If we cannot verify your address electronically, we will send you a letter detailing what additional information you will need to provide in order to register your child for the upcoming school year.


Illinois Assessment of Readiness
Each spring, District 54 students take federally mandated assessments designed to help school districts understand how our students are growing academically, compared to their peers across the state. This year, the English/language arts and math assessment for grades 3-8 is called the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR). Students in grades 5 and 8 will also take the Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) again this year.  The Illinois Assessment of Readiness is similar to the PARCC assessment that students took last year, only shorter. The Illinois Assessment of Readiness measures the same Illinois Learning Standards and includes the same high-quality test questions that teachers and students have become familiar with over the past four years. Nearly all District 54 students will take the Illinois Assessment of Readiness online.  At Addams, our students will take the IAR Mathematics test on April 8, 9, and 10; our students will take the IAR English Language Arts test on April 16 and 18. See the attached letter for more information.  IAR Parent letter 2018-2019.pdf

From the nurse…
Why is it important to drink water when you’re sick? When you are sick, it is easy to get dehydrated. 

What To Do?

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Squeeze fresh lemon or orange into your water to get a splash of vitamin C and more flavor
  • Stay away from: sugary beverages, coffee, or beverages with caffeine in them – Caffeine pulls out more liquid than it leaves in your body.

Why Drink Water?

  • Water helps loosen up the mucus in your nose and head
  • Your Nose, Eyes and Mouth are called the ‘mucosal surfaces’ – they help protect us from getting sick. They need to be moist to work efficiently.
  • Hydration is believed to help your immune system

Drinking water doesn’t “Heal” a cold or flu, but it helps your body be in its best shape to recover.

How Do I know if I’m drinking enough water?

  • If you are thirsty …Drink Water!
  • If your urine is NOT light yellow or clear…Drink Water!

District 54 Summer Camps
What did you do over your summer?  This fall, through the “Summer of 54” camp opportunities, your answer could be: “I learned how to play lacrosse, used the design process to create and design, and/or created different forms of art using digital and non-digital mediums.  The goal of the “Summer of 54” is to provide students opportunities to be active, while enhancing their creative and innovative spirt. Click here for more information Summer of 54 – 2019 Camp Brochure. Camp opportunities include:


  • A range of fun camps for a variety of interests for students in 1st through 8th grade
  • Courses with hands-on, project-based curricula
  • Instruction by District 54 teachers in a positive environment
  • An opportunity to conduct experiments using tools, equipment and technology used within the real-world

Registration for the “Summer of 54” camp offerings, including a camp t-shirt, opens on Monday, March 25th and closes on Friday, April 19th.  Digital registration is available within Parent Portal and can be accessed through the following link – Summer Registration.

District 54 Summer Band and Orchestra
Registration for District 54’s Summer Band and Orchestra program has begun!  Students who have completed fifth, sixth, or seventh grade and have had lessons on their instrument in the District 54 instrumental music program for at least one school year are eligible to enroll.  Summer Band and Orchestra will take place July 8-25 (Mondays-Thursdays) at Addams Junior High School.  Registration forms are available from any instrumental music teacher or at  If you have questions, please contact the band/orchestra teacher at your school or call 847-357-5138.

PTA news – Summer Camp Scholarships Available
If you would like your child to receive a scholarship to attend a summer camp, please read the information on the following website:  Fill out the application also available on that website and return it to the Addams Main Office by April 2, 2019.  

District 54 Education Foundation 2019 Memorial Grant applications
The District 54 Education Foundation proudly offers memorial grants for District 54 students to cultivate an academic, cultural or athletic interest. The grants are intended for children from families facing extenuating financial circumstances.

Applications for 2019 Memorial Grants are due Friday, May 3 to the child’s school social worker. Click the link below for the application and additional information.

English application

Beca Conmemorativa del 2019 de la Fundación de Educación del Distrito 54
La Fundación de Educación del Distrito 54 ofrece orgullosamente subsidios conmemorativos para que los estudiantes del Distrito 54 cultiven un interés académico, cultural o deportivo. Las subvenciones están destinadas a niños de familias que enfrentan circunstancias financieras extenuantes.

Las solicitudes para las Becas Conmemorativas 2019 deben entregarse el viernes 3 de mayo al trabajador social de la escuela del niño. Haga clic en los enlace a continuación para obtener más información.

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