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Cancer Walk – May 2

Ambassador Council is excited to announce that we are again sponsoring the annual Cancer Walk! This will be taking place outside at Addams during the half day on Wednesday, May 2nd from 9:15am – 10:30am.

Last year we raised almost $2,000 and we would love to raise the bar even higher this year! Pledge sheets will be distributed during 1st period classes or you can print out the one posted.  We are selling wristbands for $2 and paper stars (to honor loved ones whose life has been affected by cancer) for 25 cents each.  These can be purchased in the cafeteria during lunch periods throughout the school day. All money raised will be donated to Camp Sunshine, which is a camp for children and families impacted by cancer. All students are welcome to attend & families are invited to accompany their children to walk for a cure on May 2nd.  Hope to see you there!

Please click here for a pdf-  Cancer Walk Pledge Card May 2018

Information from the .pdf is below.


Addams Junior High School     700 S. Springinsguth Road, Schaumburg, IL 60193

2018 Cancer Walk

On Wednesday, May 2, 2018, all students and staff at Addams will have the opportunity to help in the fight against cancer by participating in a Cancer Walk. The walk will be held at Addams JHS, rain or shine, during the school day from 9:15 to 10:30am. Students who take part in this event can raise funds from sponsors to help in the fight against cancer. Students will walk laps around the course to demonstrate their commitment to helping others and being a good citizen.  We encourage students to bring a water bottle and a snack, especially if they need an extra boost of energy to fully participate in the walk.


This is a great opportunity for Addams students to have a good time with their friends as they participate in a worthwhile cause and take part in this community service activity. Family members are welcome to attend this event and walk with their child.


Please flip over this paper to find a pledge sheet to assist your child in raising donations if they choose to do so.  We ask that students NOT go door to door to collect donations. Family and friends could be asked for donations.  A donation should be a flat amount for the entire event, no per lap donations, please.  Any amount raised will be greatly appreciated. 100% of donations will go to Camp Sunshine, which is a camp for children and families that have been impacted by cancer.


Students who choose to fundraise can turn in donations to the GUIDANCE OFFICE by May 3rd. Please turn-in the pledge card along with any money (checks and/or cash) in a sealed envelope with the student’s name written on the front.


Please make checks payable to: Camp Sunshine


If you or your child has any questions about the walk, please feel free to contact us

at 847-357-5900.


Thank you for your cooperation and support in this worthwhile project!

~Ambassador Council

Mrs. Cerny   &   Mrs. Clarke         

2018 Addams Cancer Walk

Pledge Sheet

Please fill in the information below for each donation.

Thank you for your support!



Student Name:________________________________________



1st Period Teacher:_____________________________________





Phone Number


Donation Amount


Check or Cash

































100% of the donations go to Camp Sunshine, a camp for children & families impacted by cancer